Play as the Surveillance supervisor in a  prison complex!

Press the button below the monitors to alert the guards of escaping convicts.
See if you have what it takes to reach the 6th level!

Game created as a part of CIIT Syntax's Link Up Game Jam with the theme of "Shift".

Sound effects were taken from
Background music by Heatley Bros

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fast-Paced, filipino, Game Jam, html, prison, Singleplayer, surveillance

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This was a super fun little game! I actually managed to finish all six days with only a couple of escapes. I'm fully just imagining that this is actually a simulator for guards at Arkham Asylum. I really hope you get the time someday to expand the game and add silly little purchasableitems!


I literally only finished the 1st level, after that I couldn’t make it lmao.

I guess I’m not considering surveilance supervisor as a career path.

But good game, so 10/10 for sure!


Found the booth at indie fiesta also! I loved the concept and wanted to give it a shot. i played it on my tablet though so i could click a lot faster than most probably hahaha

I super enjoyed it. looking forward to more of your work in the future!

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Played this after seeing the 'booth' at Indie Fiesta 2020.

Really fun concept,  but I'm definitely the wrong kind of player for it.  Even if it's fairly merciful in terms of hand-eye coordination, my 40-something reflexes just can't handle the pace. gave me traumatic childhood game-&-watch flashbacks within minutes.

Hopefully this is playable on mobile, because it might be a more satisfying experience with a touchscreen interface.

The characterization of the Warden and implied backstory are a wonderful narrative touch. small details like that go a long way to keeping me invested, as someone generally partial to story-driven games. 

I would have preferred to be able to spend the earnings to buy upgrades: extra mugs, consumable auto-alarms that can be attached to specific monitors, a patrolling guard dog that moves randomly into different areas, temporarily stopping prisoners from escaping... that kind of thing.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I means a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

In all honesty though i would love to continue developing the game, although I currently have no time to do so. comments like yours makes me feel very happy and gives me more motivation to pursue it. 

I am actually planning to have a shop where you could get upgrades, like extra time, or slower prisoners, etc, just to not make earning money meaningless.

in terms of narrative i wanted it to have dialogues where players have to answer questions and their answers will have an impact on the next levels. In truth, this game is inspired by papers please! And not for broadcast, both games contain similar elements that the narrative is not simply someone else story but also player's.

Sorry I couldn't talk to you during the indie fiesta. I am scheduled to man the booth on sunday though, hoping to catch you by then!